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CORNWALL lll, playing at the Milano audio show.


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Um, sorry but they sound no better than the crummy little speakers on the HP Portable PC I'm hearing them through. 😝  But as the owner of CW III's and a McIntosh amp, I can safely say that this setup probably sounds great in person.


😁 😁 😁




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Eh,  a couple of noteworthy points.  One being, I subscribe to the guy who puts out that particular youtube channel and peruse youtube in general for things, audio related.  If I see something out in the wild world, Klipsch related, I will at times post it for those who might enjoy seeing Klipsch speakers being demonstrated. 

As well,  while I too have a Macbook pro, i only use the internal speakers for listening to news or the like, which is all they are good for.   Otherwise, they are bypassed and I am listening through my Sennheiser HD 580's, which like any decent headphone, are quite resolving and takes listening to these type vids to a whole other level.  In my own experience of course.  😀 

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