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Need help picking a vintage receiver.


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Need some guidance picking a older receiver. Will be hooked to Forte III’s. I found two in my area that look pretty good. Looking at eBay they seem like a fair asking price. This is where you guys come in. I know NOTHING about audio equipment. ;) What would you recommend as far as price and selected receivers or keep looking? Thanks in advance. 

first is a Sansui Eight asking 425.00

next is a Pioneer sx-990 asking 150.00

Both prices are bottom dollar. I already asked. Both seem to be in equal condition. 



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Moderate powered vintage Marantz like 2230 or 2235B are killer too. Yes, some maintenance may be required though. Usually not too difficult, and recap kits are available from Ebay or other sites that have all the parts you need. I just redid a 2230, and it was a fun project. You'll have to use a soldering iron and desolder braid/sucker, as well as a multimeter to check settings. You can find a local tech also, if you're not comfortable. 

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look for a mint Pioneer sx receiver, they are easier to find as their sales volume were much greater, and you can find one on the cheap. The 50 series some claim are a bit better than the 80, but i cant tell and have both. Look for a 9 or better going upwards, so 950/980 to 1050/1080 to the big 12's. I have used my 980 on my Forte ll's and they will light a house up literally, think i paid 300 for it but its mint, and so worth the green. Stay away from AVR receivers their trash for 100% music

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I have been partial to Yamaha CR-x00 and CR-x20 series.  Pioneer was junk in the '70s.  There is a reason the '70s and '80s Marantz receivers still command a premium.  They are worth it.  Forty to 60 watts/channel should be enough. 

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