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Epic CF-3 near Denver

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Available again $575...


I've got a pair of CF-3s that I have enjoyed for a few years.  I'm beginning to downsize and want to move these along.  Im located about 10 minutes north of Denver, Colorado.  


I bought these about 7 years ago.  Cherry color with consecutive serial numbers 213499046 and 213499045.  The CF-3s are not mint, but are in good working shape overall with some cabinet scratches and scuffs.  I think the pictures make them look worse than in person, but that's just my opinion. 😉 The previous owner said he cracked a woofer cone when his hand slipped when moving the speakers.  He taped one of the woofers with what he said was gaffer's tape (but looks like duct tape to me).  I intended to replace the woofer, but never found it to be a problem and couldn't hear any problems with sound quality so I never got around to it.


With all that said, they sound great and have been a ton of fun to have but I no longer need them.   I would also be interested in selling them for some film camera gear.










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I just discovered this site so haven't registered yet. But can provide plenty of bona fides if the conversation needs it. I have a couple Pentax bodies and at least two if not three lenses. Will have to check model no.s in AM. Bad news is I'm in New England (on several levels) which may make any further discussion moot.  In any case, if you think its worth talking further,  let me know.

Thanks, Dan

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These are Version 1.  Cabs are rough but the pricing reflects that.  It would take some time and effort but those cabs will clean up very nicely.


These would make a great project for someone wanting CF-3's. 

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