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RF-7 or RP-8000f for 2.0 Home Audio/Cinema


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Hello Guys

After Reading a lot About Klipsch, Amplifiers and the whole hifi world i decided to sign up in this community cause i really Need some advice. 


Im not the pro around hifi, so im not sure what im getting with my decisions. 


Im Looking for a very good 2.0 Setup for my Living room. After killing the Internet with all the Keywords i searched for and after listening to some of those RP-8000f, im sure i want to go with klipsch. 

My Living room has around 35-40qm, left side is open. the Speakers should be able to deliver perfect Sound and they should serve as "home Cinema" Speakers. the 8000 Sound very good. but im not sure if they have enough kick and bump in the lows when im watching some movies. therefore im thinkin About to get some RF-7. of Course, they are better over the whole range, but how much better can they handle the bass/lows? 


and next Question is, if im going with the RF-7, should i go with a hifi Receiver or with a AVR?

the plan is currently to connect all the stuff to the tv and ARC back to the Hifi Receiver cause of better Sound Quality.

If hifi, do one of These deliver enough ?




or does the Speaker Need some better amp like this one:



if you suggest to go with a AVR...why? and which one?


A lot of Questions i know 😃 but i cant handle those Questions for myself…*going crazy*


thank you very much,



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Welcome to the forum.


RP-8000Fs, very good speakers.

RF-7III, incredible speakers.


10 hours ago, MisterMaa said:

next Question is, if im going with the RF-7, should i go with a hifi Receiver or with a AVR?

If you will eventually use theses speakers in a multichannel  home theater setup, the an AVR is a way to go.

If you are going strictly 2-channel(stereo), then I suggest a quality integrated stereo amp or a stereo preamp/amp combo.


You will extract the best(for stereo) your speakers have to offer if you consider these ideas.



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When I had RF-7iii's I found an AVR didn't have the power to make them shine. I purchased an Emotiva XPA-2 gen3 (300wrms/ch @8ohms) and they really opened up. So I say yes go with

more clean power. Also you may want to go with a multi-channel processor if you think you may want to move to a surround system in the future. Then you would just need to add amp channels and not replace pre-amp

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