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in-wall speakers and sound proofing


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I'm working on designing my man cave and was looking to use in wall speakers for my surrounds to preserve some space.

The side wall of the basement separates my unit from my neighbor. We're looking to sound dampen / sound proof as much as possible.

Does installing an in-wall speaker negate soundproofing or what are some things to think about to preserve as much sound transfer as possible?


Do klipsch in-walls? (looking at the 5800 for example) require anything specifically behind them to acoustically optimal? 


Looking for some ideas before finalizing any plans. It's a small room, so i was looking to remove my floor standing rears to preserve as much space as possible.

I could mount my RP500sa where the wall meets the ceiling angled down, but i feel this will interfere with in-ceiling atmos i'm planning to do and bring too much of the base layer up high.


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Any penetration into the wall cavity is going to increase your sound transference.  Personally, I would first get with your neighbour, turn your current system up to your normal listening levels and go into their basement and other adjoining living areas and get some idea of what is happening now, prior to changing anything.  In your situation, you will then understand your neighbours take on things and you can better understand how much acoustical work really needs to be done and then attack it from there.  I would guess that your neighbour would appreciate the fact that you're concerned about them as well.  Just an opinion.

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