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help with HT upgrade


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2 years ago I purchased:

65" 4k tv

Denon AVRX1300W

2) R14M for R & L

RP250C center

R10SW sub

rears are small cheap cubes harmon kardon

left over from an old home theater in box set up.


The room set up:

finished half basement

15FT wide

12.5FT deep ( goes another 12.5 back but its my gym area)

7FT 2IN ceiling height

viewing chair is 8FT from screen


My question is how do i improve?

all movie watching, concerned more with quality of sound

as this set up can already shake the lights up stairs.


would towers be too much up front? its a small space.

maybe better bookshelfs up front move the R14 to the back?

i would like to incorporate atmos if possible.

better in a tower like R625FA or

book shelf with RP500SA?


what say the experts? Thanks


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Hey Billy. The previous owner had it set up like a bar with pool table. the room is all open above the waist but on the right side you have the bar taking up 5 feet of space on the left side the room is cut in half with a waist height bar for putting drinks on while playing pool.

so basically im using one end for a home gym and the other end for my home theater.

its all drywalled and heavily trimmed in oak.

its a 1989 built home that im renovating so going where the return is, kitchen first, flooring, master bath etc... basement would be last if at all.

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I hear you...so the ceiling is drywall material then. Tell you what, a pic or so of the space will help others realize your space. Was wondering if room is open so you can have sound in the gym part of room. When you add the other half, 25 foot not such a small place. Certainly, having tower fronts would assist with the Atmos speakers you are considering. There are options certainly. Going to be on the side and see what other members have for you, as not as familiar with Atmos.

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Room really looks bigger than it probably is. Would say yes, for quality of sound improvement for theatre could handle a pair of towers with Atmos. Not familiar with the ones you mentioned.

Prefer more input on what so.

Definitely a nice space to work with. Could see the R-14's doing

rear/surround duty.

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Would be even better if your listening position was ten foot instead of 8 with towers/Atmos.

Could always tweak towers just a bit towards your listening position.

Just looking at options. The drywall ceiling should reflect Atmos well enough...in ceiling Klipsch speakers another for Atmos, if go with larger bookshelf speakers.

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22 hours ago, stimpy said:

I am literally the only one using this room. The wife has the rest of the house. 😏

Haha ... think that is pretty common :D  I have "my" small audio room and maybe 1/4 of the master bedroom and the couch in the living room - less than 1/10th of the house :)  OK; I "get" the kitchen also, but only because I do all the cooking :D  

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On 11/2/2019 at 2:00 PM, stimpy said:

Yes its all drywalled. here are the pics. sorry its messy I am literally the only one using this room. The wife has the rest of the house. 😏


This is quite typical for 90 percent of audio driven men. That being said, you should not use surround speakers for mains!!

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