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FS: For The Klipsch Enthusiast Who Has Everything


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I have a few unique items to sell; if you want the back story, I can give it to you, but in the interest of brevity - I have two pieces of etched glass and two aluminum ovals, etched with old school Klipsch logos.  These are one offs; I made them myself - the glass in an etching booth and the aluminum with a secret chemical process.  My intention was to take the glass, make a stand lined with LEDS and place them on my pair of La Scalas, or figure out a way to hang them with LEDS in the top and bottom of a frame. The effect would be outstanding; as you can see in the pictures with a mere flashlight pointed into them.  The aluminum was really just an experiment, one of the ovals is sanded, hence why the black in the logo looks rough, but the etch is deep-ish, so that a nice automotive paint could be dripped into the etch to make a lovely effect. The glass is perfect, so discernible scratches - the aluminum, well it is aluminum - scratches and such but the logos are deep and unharmed.


At any rate, they have been sitting, for years, in a drawer - and as I no longer have the La Scalas, and no longer have my dedicated home theater, I figured the crafty people here could put them to better use.  The glass is 12 inches wide, quarter inch thick and the etch is deep, the ovals are 16 x 8 x 1/8th, so rather large.  I wanted the ovals to be a kind of tasteful booth logo sign or something to announce a gathering of Klipsch heads at the Holiday Inn breakfast nook in Hope as we had so many years ago - but alas, life has intervened.


So, here they are - and I reiterate, they are one offs - I do not intend to make any more even if I could - the patterns, files and logos long ago have vanished - but I enjoyed making them, and would love to see them finished.


I have no idea what they are worth, but as you can’t buy anything like this, I am thinking $75 each ($150 for *both*) for the glass, and say $25 for the aluminum? This is of course OBO, and you would pay for me to box the crap it of them to ship (shouldn’t be that much CONUS). I would prefer load all pick-up, of course, near Knoxville, TN.


Still wasn’t brief, sorry. Questions, send me a messsage, and thanks for taking the time.











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