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Hersey 3 buy or wait for Cronwall 2-3's

Glen Newdick

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Good day members I am new to this form but have been doing audiophile stuff for 30+ years, I've been an active member of the A-gon forms for a decade. I came here to ask you pros on Kilpsch heritage line some questions. 


I have been thinking seriously in buying some Cornwall 2's maybe 3's if I can find a set for reasonable cost. I find all the older models are going threw the roof in prices lately. 


I run currently Living  Voice Avatar 2's ($8000 new 94db) for some years and love them but I've been taken by a friends Le scala's, so I'm looking to move into horn or hybrid horn system. the Cornwall caught my eye mostly for the bass response but I have to say the le scala's did not leave me thinking there was missing bass. I can not afford the new Cornwall 4's and newer 3's are even a stretch but doable if I can find a set used. 


Today I had an offer on a set of Hersey 3's about 6 month old so basically new for $2k Canadian pair . I'd like some advice from you fine folks on if I should buy the Hersey 3's or wait ( for who knows how long) for Cornwall 2's or possibly 3's I doubt I'll find 3's anytime soon. I know the main difference is in the bass response. 


I'm aware of and able to update crossover parts if necessary and any mods deemed necessary. I know the desire to listen before buying but that's not an option but I have heard Hersey 2's and Cornwall 2's so I'm familiar with the sound of those. granted this was month apart and in a different system.  


Are the Hersey 3's that much better that I should look at them and maybe a sub if needed over the older Cornwall's?  Eventually I'll probably look for some nice le scala 2's but that's down the road. 


Equipment is;

Triode labs-Final Audio F3008 FX, 300b SET integrated ,

Garrard 301- Jelco 759L- van den Hull MC 10, Denon 103r

Gold Note PH10 phono stage,

Schiit Audio Gumby Multi bit DAC,

Siltech speaker wires and AudioNote uk silver interconnects. 

Sansui TU 717 tuner. 

My room is a smallish listening area in a huge space I sit about 10" back from the speakers ( currently but my LV's are about 2.5 feet from the front wall) but I live in a loft with 18" ceilings and open to a huge area so bass has always been lacking in this room due to the size I have to fill, one of the reasons I feel a horn system will be better in this room. 


My equipment is good with excellent detail, its not harsh so I'm not worried too much about the top end with the horn tweeters but it is a consideration I have. 


So what do you fine folks think? should I grab the deal on the new Hersey 3's or wait for a used set of Cornwall 2's possibly 3's.  In the end is the newer tweeter and midrange worth it over the extended bass response in the older Cornwall. Sub's are an option but not right away. Also my Living Voice speakers claim 35hz but in my room I'm lucky to get 40hz and have been happy with that.  



Victoria BC 


system picture below. 


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Well looks like I'm waiting. thanks a whole lot my friends. 


I may have a line on some old first gen La Scala's that  are in need of some TLC could be a project I suppose. may do until I can get a set of the newer ones in a nicer finish. 

thanks for the help again





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I paid a fair price for a pair of vintage LS.  '76 model year. refurbished... Gave less than $1500 for them and an H/K630.   I think I got lucky. Sweet system.  No warm glow of tubes, but ...


and my wife likes the big black speakers. If wife approval factor is a consideration, you might be surprised. I showed her veneered models. She likes the black.  


from a cosmetic/decorator point, looks like a pair of vintage birch will fit nicely.  Black would look nice in your space, too

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