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Tube system for sale

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I hate to do this, and said I never would but do to space, new boat purchase leaving me needing a little cash, and little use I need to sell this system. I can post pictures if there is interest. All products were bought by me new, except the speakers. They are all in mint condition. If there is interest I will add pictures, I am sending from work at the moment.

VRD AMPS : 60 watts Ultra Linear/30 watts Triode switchable $3199 new

KT88 output tubes, Standard
Full bias control per output tube with above-chassis test points and
multi-turn controls
1.1V input sensitivity
100K input impedance
AC balance control
1000V PS filtering for extended life
10H choke per amp
All Triode front end, 12AX7 Driver, 12AU7 phase splitter, Direct coupled - These are NOS valves
Tube Rectified 5AR4
Separate provisions for 4, 8, and 16 ohm speakers
Valve Rollers Dream! The amps can run EL34, 6L6GC, 5881, 350B, KT66, KT88, 6550, KT90 and more (some tube choices require a 5U4GB rectifier tube)
You can read about these at Nosvalves.com

MMF7 turntable $800 when new

Blueberry Peach with upgraded black gate capacitors - with NOS CCA gold pin tubes, all tubes are not original $1800 when new

1976 Cornwalls - again in mint condition - Walnut - however I replaced the crossovers with upgraded ones from Dean Wescott of the Klipsch forum.

If you a Klipsch lover or forum member you know what I have and paid for all of this.

I will let this go for $4500 - I will only separate out the speakers the rest stays, because I will keep it all otherwise

Thanks for looking 813-833-95ninenine call or text




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23 minutes ago, Coytee said:

Area code in phone is Tampa, FL area

That may or may not be where he is located. I live in socal and so do most I associate with and every 3rd person has an put of state area code.   

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Bill is in Fla. He has this posted on AK barter town as well. I suggested he post it here as Craig, Mark, & Dean all have great reputations here. Bill was a member some time ago, I would bet lost his info with the switch over a few years back.  Nice setup GLWTS

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