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2007 Klipschorns $3750 Price Drop SOLD


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Pictures added , about an hour north of Chicago. Forum members price is dropped to $3750, I need to move some gear as the medical bills continue to pile up. I'll be posting a single 1973 WO Khorn, two Yamaha MX-600 amps, Yamaha M-45 as well as two Marantz ZS5300s. I will ship the amps and Khorns but prefer pick up. 


Thank you,


2007 K.jpg

2007 K 1.jpg

2007 K 2.jpg

2007 K 3.jpg

2007 K 4.jpg

2007 K5.jpg

2007 K6.jpg

2007 K7.jpg

2007 K8.jpg

2007 K9.jpg

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21 minutes ago, pvlmal said:

estimated freight cost for k horns to wichita, Ks?

Recommend you look at a service called Uship.  Many members here on the forum have used them.




And here are the specs for the Khorns for you to provide to Uship for a quote.

  • Height: 50.75” (128.9.4cm)
  • Width: 31.25” (79.38cm)
  • Depth: 28.25” (71.75cm)
  • Weight: 175lbs (79.5kg)


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