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New to Tubes First Amp


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I current have been primary a Home Theater guy and getting the bug to get into a 2 channel set up for my living room.I need help to choose a amp to get started  that won't break the bank. $1000 range

My home theater consist of 7.2.4 and has a blend of RF-7 III , RF-7 , Hersey , RC 64III , SPL 120 and SPL 150..etc..

I'm in the process of building a pair of Cornscala to be my speakers. I'm a classic rock guy and listen at moderate  levels as long as I have not been drinking.LOL.I'm 60 so I'm behind the curve in my knowlege and was hoping I could get some feed back on putting a system together that would pair with the Cornscala's and get started. My music is mostly digital on my hard drive but I do plan to use Amazon HD in the future. I'm driving my home theater set up in room one with a Denon 6500 and a monolithic 7 x 200 amp  ( 7.1.4 ) the other room has my Denon 6400 (5.2) set up.Not looking  to spend over $1000   now $2000 to get started and will consider used. I know I am giving limited information but I will try to answer any questions as I get time. Looking to purchase in the next 2 months as I'm waiting on XO network to be shipped for the Cornscala's.

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I don't have that amp, but I wish I did. Dynaco built the st-70 back in the 50's and it was a great amp with a couple of problems. The second version of the st-70, the series II (which I own), addressed the issues to make an extremely robust, powerful, and wonderful sounding amp. Bob Latino has taken the design of the original st-70, incorporated some of the improvements of the series II, and made several other improvements. They are some of the most highly rated tube amplifiers available anywhere at any price. I heard an A/B sound test with one of Bob's st-120's and a 6000.00$ McIntosh MC275, and my partner and I both agreed that the st-120 sounded better. And I'm not the only who thinks so:








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5 hours ago, captjoe said:

Looking at  tubes4hifi ST120 complete @ 1600.00.Anyone can comment who has their amp.

I have one I built about 9 years ago. It has all the best mods (Russian pio caps, auto bias board, volume control) and is still going strong. An excellent amp with more than enough power for Klipsch Heritage speakers. I am currently using a Dennis Had Inspire Hot Rod amp with my K-Horns, but my ST-120 is hooked up to a second system.

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