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Starting a Home Theater System

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Hello everyone,


with the upcoming black friday deals I am pretty excited to start investing in a Dolby Atmos home theater system. I purchased the Klipsch R-20B years back and love both the sound and aesthetic it brings to the room and want to continue investing in Klipsch. I have several questions:


1.  I was wondering about the pros and cons of the R-625FA vs the R-41SA + R-620F? I would be tempted to get the R-620F to save a little unless there is a large advantage with the the R-625FA. 


2. From Klipsch directly the only surround speakers available is the R-41SA. How do these work as surrounds, seeing as they appear to be designed as elevation speakers with a surround capability if necessary. Alternatively, does anyone have any recommendations for powered speakers to use as surrounds or is it really worth it to buy some of the other Klipsch surrounds (such as the RP-502S) from one of their dealers? 


3. Finally, Does anyone have a recommendation for an entry level receiver? i was looking at either the Yamaga RX-V585 or the Onkyo TX-NR686, something in this price range would be ideal. 


Sorry for such a long post and thank you all for your time and advice! 


If it matters I am installing in a small-ish room with carpeted floors. 



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I have the same question regarding the R-625FA as I'm doing my research to build a home theater system. Curious to hear if you heard any advice outside this post and what you ended up with.


I'm wondering if there are any issues with the built in atmos if you need to toe-in the speakers for best listening and then messing with atmos (ceiling reflections, imaging, etc.). Having them separate definitely gives more flexibility in placement angles as well potentially using them as surround if needed, etc. even though it is meant to go above the floorstanders. I personally like the lower price (compared to the cost of 620F + 41SA) and the looks of R-625FA, but hesitating if there are any inherent issues with the built in.


Any feedback from experts is appreciated.





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