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Atmos 500SA set up question


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I want to get atmos sound from my system.  My receiver (Yamaha RX V781) is Atmos capable.  I would greatly appreciate advice on best way to set up 500sa.  


I will 1st try them as up-firing speakers set to “Atmos” position.  If i am not satisfied I will hang in front a few inches below my 8’ flat ceiling.  


If i hang my 500sa atmos speakers as front height speakers as opposed to sitting them on my tower speakers...

1. Do I set to “surround” or “atmos”? 


2.  if i set to “surround” will i still hear Atmos effects?


 Thank you.  Tom

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for the speaker switch set it to "surround". the "atmos" setting is only if using it in up-firing mode.

atmos up firing uses a specific frequency range, so this toggles for that.


if mounting them up high pointing down (as i did, set it to surrounds.

then from your receiver when you do calibration, set the front to heights or in-ceiling (try both and see if you like one better than the other).

this is how i used mine. 


i'm selling 4 if you're interested in any used as i'm moving to in-ceiling speakers.

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