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Help, Please! Problem with one of my RP-280F's.


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I own a pair of ebony RP-280Fs that I bought on sale, just over a year ago, directly from Klipsch.  When they arrived, their boxes seemed intact but worn from storage.  I thought their sale price was ideal then so I snatched a pair.  I thought I'd be happy with these but they have failed to satisfy my ears.  I've had them connected to to my Denon AVR-X4000 and a formerly owned Yamaha A-S2000.


My problem is that one of them seems to not have any of the horn function as I only detect the two woofers operating.  When I raise the volume halfway, somewhat abruptly, I am finally able to activate their proper function.  This is an intermittent issue.


Does anyone else have this problem?  Could this have been the reason that they went on sale?  I thought about upgrading to RF-7 III's but I've got to fix this speaker first.

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1 hour ago, Blvdre said:

Have they behaved this was since day one? That sounds like a connection issue, maybe a bad solder joint, crimp, contaminated connector, etc. Are you willing to investigate the driver & crossover hardware/connections?


Thanks for reply.  I am planning on that next when I have more than just spare time.  They have behaved that way after I moved them from a condo to my next home.  I know I'd remember if I had dropped either of them.  

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