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Its a start


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Its not entirely finished yet and is very much dual purpose and with that in mind I had to build it around  the restrictions I had.

It's 14X21 with 8 foot drop ceiling. Living on the frozen planet of Hoth (A.K.A. Canada) we typically only use this for Movies in the winter and the sun

sets about 5pm so not having window coverings is not an issue.



Avr Denon 4400

Bluray Panasonic ub400

ac Infinity s8 cooling unit

apple tv 4K for streaming

technics sl 1300

Optoma UHD51alv

120" silverticket screen


Klipsch RP-8000



R-12sw x 2

CDT-5650 Cii x 4

I will eventually get a amp to power the front stage as the Denon has to work to push all 9 speakers

when I decide to crank up a movie.

Can a Mod please move this to the Show your Theater room Thread I posted in the wrong spot sorry.




before pro.jpg

ceiling pro1.jpg




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Very nice indeed! I'm sure it rocks for movies...
As a matter of interest, where are you hiding your equipment rack and subs, or did I overlook them in the photos?

I have the cabinet behind the recliners. I would of liked to have it outside the room but it would require taking up more space and the wife was only prepared to “Sacrifice” so much space.

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