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FS: Cary 300-SEI integrated amp


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Benny says when you have to put your integrated amps on carts to be able to use them, you have too many. He’s probably right.


I think the CAD-300SEI is a nearly perfect Single-Ended Triode. This one has a chrome chassis with a black faceplate. While only offering 11 watts per channel of pure class-A power, this unit has all available upgrades: Mundorf capacitors, Hexfreds in the power supply, Grayhill gold plated selector switch, and WBT Speaker terminals.


The unit was gone through by Cary this spring and has no issues sonically or cosmetically. Includes an additional new Cary tube set (yes, all five), manual, factory power cord and factory packing.


It is a very heavy beast; about 50 pounds. A rough guess with sufficient insurance would $100 or so. The West Coast may be more. Or come by, audition and take it home yourself.


 $2500 insurance and shipping to you. The amp cart is not included, but if you buy both I might be convinced to add it to the mix, especially if you pick them up. Please email any questions or need additional photos or information. Thanks.




Cary 1 - 1.jpeg




300  - 1.jpeg


300 2 - 1.jpeg

300 1 - 1.jpeg




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