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Naim integrated amp a good match with Forte III, CW or RP8000F?


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Does anyone here have success with more recent Naim amps and more recent Klipsch gear like Forte III or Cornwall III or IV in the Heritage series, or perhaps the RP-8000F ?


I currently have a Naim NDX network streamer running in to the Naim SuperNait 2 amp (80wpc 8ohms), and I want larger speakers to fill a larger room.  I've noticed some much older posts about earlier Naim gear and earlier Klipsch not being a great match, ie too harsh as a combo, however some more recent Forte III reviews suggest they are less picky with amp matching.




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Hi, I have had a fair amount iof Naim gear and currently have a 282 preamp hicapdr into the amp section of a Supernait.


I have 3pr of Klipsch, A pair of K horns original Heresy and just pick up about a month ago a new pair of the 820f floor standers.


I have 4 systems set up other speakers are B&W bookshelfs. To answer your question I would say not the best match, it certainly works, and I like Naim gear.


I find Naim works best on good dynamic speakers.  But if yoiu could try it that would be the best option.


On the new Klipsch I am using a Mcintosh C48 pre int a Linn lk100 amp, sounds great. I am also using that combo on My khorns, have another Lk100

that sounds great too.


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