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interesting corner cabinet klipsch speaker


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That was quite the mono Hi-Fi setup in it’s day.  I wonder what type of speaker is behind the grille cloth.  In hindsight, I can’t help but think the corner cabinet would be worth more today if it had been left original.


Nevertheless, I admire the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and dedication to Hi-Fi that fueled that project. Although the turntable appears to be gone, the “. . . . still-functional authentic  Klipsch speaker behind the mesh grille” appears to be included.  If so, no matter which 60s Klipsch speaker it is, it’s probably worth more than $250.  But then what to do with the bastardized corner cabinet?


Perhaps Tom @kuisis, or some other Pittsburgh area Forum member, can solve the mystery.

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16 minutes ago, Randyh said:

this speaker is a  Custom made- hand made, original 1954 or 1955  - 2 WAY   khorn  -that was dressed up with wood trim to make it look like the furniture of a home , and  with the same tint finish as the furniture of that house  ,and  it was not an oddity for a mono KHORN speaker to be custom made either at the factory or at the client's home  -but these were quite expensive items -


the serial number on the squawker K--5-J   is no 808 , ------made on the 09-08-1954 which should mean this is the  808th K-5-J horn  made  by Klipsch -at that date ---------the K-5-J  was introduced in July 1952 , so the tag is correct --------------


-The woofer shown is the Electrovoice EV15WK  which was introduced in 08-1950  , so this also tell us that the woofer is original -serial no 11245- that jives as Klipsch was not the sole EV customer at the time -


- the midrange driver should be the University SAHF  ----------------and the picture seems to show that model of driver , a round large drriver -------it was introduced in 1951 through 1961 -


- the crossover on this KHORN is the correct one for 1954 -----------it was designated   /Klipschorn 500-5000   , this crossover was phased out in 1955 -  so this speaker is most likely , either a 1954 or very early 55 KHORN -  the tag is correct , the crossover is original klipsch -


congrats - you own an original 1954 or 1955 Klipsch khorn - 2 way only  - good to 12k hz ------there were no tweeters on khorns until 08-1959



I had a K5J horn with a JBL driver, that sounded really good on top of an FH-1 bin in the garage. I just had FM mono playing through it but I didn't think it was missing much.

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