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Bar 48 fail to power on after firmware update

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After an exchange due to issue with the rear speakers, the new BAR 48 I just received is really disappointing in sound.  Surrounds and subwoofer are at the maximum level and I can barely hear them.  The one I had before I kept them at 50%, maybe one or two led light up, and it was high enough... and the subwoofer vibration was high enough to create an earthquake.  


With the last one, the highest firmware update was the one issued on November 2019 (v83).  With the new one, it gives me the one released on May 15th (v30).  Is it related to that?!  However, I am so disappointed.  After waiting more than one month to get a new one, I just want to return it again.


Could it really be v30 the problem?

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@Olivier Michaud

I see that no one has responded to your post. I'm sorry I haven't checked for recent posts in several weeks.


I have a BAR 48 that came with the original firmware. I updated to v83 then to v30 and noticed no difference in the sound levels. My source is my Samsung TV using an HDMI ARC connection. I don't often use a Bluetooth connection so I don't know if that has been impacted but the sound level with Bluetooth is dependent on the sound level from the source.


From the reports customers have posted in these forums, the BAR 48 appears to suffer from a variety of manufacturing defects, aside from various firmware issues. I would suggest you try to obtain another replacement.


By the way, I purchased my BAR 48 on Black Friday 2019 and have encountered most of the issues reported in these forums. Many of the issues still remain after installing the v30 firmware. In August Klipsch Customer Support agreed to provide a warranty replacement. I'm still waiting for it to arrive: the Surround 3 speakers have been out of stock for months. 😞


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