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Robocalls reduced ?

jason str

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I am now getting the calls that aren’t robocalls but the person on the other line, every time with a foreign accent, does everything possible to get you to say “yes”. 

Thankfully, a coworker told me there is a scam out there where they get you to say yes, then use the recording to make unauthorized purchases somehow. 

Here’s an article on the subject:




I have had two of these scammers hang up on me, when they realized I was messing with them. Let’s put it this way, I used the words “possibly”, “not sure” and “maybe” more during these conversations than the English language normally allows.


Are you Dustin? “Not sure”. Is this your cell phone? “Possibly”. Are you the primary person on this account? “Maybe”. 

They start to get pissed which starts to make me happy. I know keeping them on the line, keeps them from hitting what is undoubtedly a quota for the day😬


I am in sales and rely on my phone to buy speakers. I usually get a 2 - 4 robocalls a day. I usually let it go to voicemail as I am tired of Kate telling me that my business line of credit has been extended. I block the number when I try to call it back and it just hangs up.

The only problem blocking the number is that I will need to do that 9,999,999,999 times, using the 10 digit phone numbers. Haha! 

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I used to have an answering machine that had a message that basically told them not to call, and gave all the legal stuff, and it said if you are someone e ai know leave a message. Spam phone calls went to zero.

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