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Presently, I  own a lot of music equipment that is excellent to a min. of good condition. My wife was a professional

musician and she passed away. I handled the set-ups and tear-downs & setting sound. I haven't known how to go

about selling some of this equiplent. Reason- E-bay- you have to ship the items to the purchaser and the speakers

would be difficult to do that with.  The other method,- I tried a long time ago and received some questionable

inquiries.  So, the equipment just sits here until I figure out a better method. I have 4 ea. of the Klipsch

KP-250 speakers  and 1 KP-115-SW Bass speaker in excellant condition(& one that is damaged)

Plus other speakers & equipment.. Is this community a way to get the information out & check interest. Appreciate

the advise Dennis Morgan

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This is a good place to sell them.  So is Reverb.com; it is primarily for music gear.  You can list them as pick-up only on Reverb or ebay, but you reduce your audience a lot.  You can ship with uShip pretty cheaply, but the schedule is less certain.  Encourage your buyer to use them.  uShip can safely deliver without lots or packing. 


Where are you?


What is wrong with the damaged subwoofer?

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This should be a useful forum to sell the parts.


I, for example, am looking for a metal speaker grill for the KP-115... so, depending on price, I may be interested in a part of the damaged KP-115.


You should be able to sell the good speakers as a set to a performer or DJ or such.  As such, you may want a local buyer, and while I have no experience with ???list and similar internet connection types, they are probably one of the best for local sales... as well as bulletin boards at local colleges and music venues.



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