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Need help to troubleshoot RP-280f Tweeter not working

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Greetings everyone,


I am new to speakers and looking for suggestions to solve an issue that I'm facing. In facebook marketplace, I bought a pair of RP-280f (floor standing speakers), RP-250C (center channel), R-112SW (sub-woofer) and pair of Klipsch G-12 gallery speakers for $380 (I don't know market value of used Klipsch speakers hence I'm not sure if I overpaid). To the issue now; one floor speaker works fine but tweeter in other floor speaker is not working creating a muffled sound. Thanks to users of this community, I followed few discussions and performed initial troubleshooting. I moved the faulty tweeter to other working floor speaker and found out tweeter was working fine, so I ruled out tweeter from malfunctioning components list. In next step, I connected  tweeter wires to the woofer in the faulty speaker and found out that woofer would not work. Now, I am not sure if tweeter wire or the circuit panel in the speaker rear is malfunctioning. Further, I compared the rear circuit panel of faulty and working floor speakers ad found all electrical connections look the same and no loose connection. Except that, the working floor speaker has couple of golden color plates connecting adjacent two red and black screw terminals in the rear side (where banana plugs are plugged in), but these golden color plates are missing in faulty speaker. Not sure if that is the source of tweeter problem. Could someone provide some guidance on what to look for further troubleshooting and point me in  right direction. Many thanks in advance!




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