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Wiring sub in parallel with main speakers

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I've read in several places that I can connect a powered sub -- a Sub-10 in my case -- by having it share amp terminals with the main speaker wires.


I'd connect both the sub wires and speaker wires to the same high-level speaker outputs on the amp. I'd then run the sub wires to the sub's high-level-in terminals.  I


'm told that, because the sub has its own amp, this will have no real effect on the main amp.


This isn't mentioned anywhere in the Sub-10 manual, and I'm not at all confident in my knowledge of wiring. Would someone please confirm this is true?  I don't want to risk frying anything.



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I've had a sub wired like that for years with no problem.  In my case the amp only saw a .1 ohm increase in load when I hooked the sub amp to it.

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