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SW-450 stopped working

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I have a SW-450 that has had very light usage over the past 3 years. Looking at it you would think it new/pristine. All of a sudden it stopped working. Whenever the power cord is plugged in, this is this semi-rapid faint clicking noise that comes from the circuit board. This happens even when the power switch is set to “Off”.  I looked at it and don’t see and darkened or scorched areas on it. 

Attaching a photo. It sounds like it is coming from one of the components marked either “HW078 EE-33” or “HY421 EE25” but I cannot be certain. It almost sounds like some sort of relay or something but I’m no electronics expert. 

Anyone have an idea?  I’d hate to simply get rid of this because everything else is in such great shape. 91-E2-A1-DB-B524-4-BCB-9841-98-ECD317-E4


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