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Overpowering Bass, Setting Up Two New Subwoofers

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Hello, I am new to the forum and wondered if I might be able to get some suggestions/thoughts about an issue I am facing setting up my two Klipsch subwoofers.

The issue seems that I am getting too much bass.


The bass is not blending in well and seems to be out front and overpowers everything.

Everything I have read about issues setting up subwoofers always seems to be the opposite concern with people feeling they need more bass. It seems like I just need to do some tweaking but being a newbie at this not sure what next steps are?


My system is a hodgepodge for now (upgrades to rear & center coming soon):

Dennon Receiver AVR-S920W

Front Speakers Klipsch Reference Premier RP-280F

Center Channel Klipsch Reference R-34C

Surround Speakers Boston Acoustics

Height Speakers Klipsch Reference R-41SA

Subwoofer 1 and 2 Klipsch Reference R-120SW


My living room is about 14 x 12 with standard height ceiling (all drywall). The room is rectangle shape. There is one opening/entrance to the room at the front left and a large window on the other side midwall.

The subs are at the front of the room setting just inside of the L R fronts.


I originally ran Audessy with the Gain knob at the 12:00 position on both subs.

The Low Pass knob on each was turned all the way to the right to the LFE position.

To try resolving the bass concern I went in a few days later and manually changed settings.

I changed the Fronts to small and changed the Front crossover to 80 Hz. I also increased the center channel’s level so we could hear dialog better.

The issue seems the worst when watching movies at louder volume.

A few nights ago we watched the blu ray of A Star Is Born and Sam Elliot’s voice was so “deep

bass filled” you could not make out what he said. However, in other movies dinosaur stomps or explosion sound/feel incredible!


I contacted Crutchfield (where I made my purchases) via email and the rep suggested disconnecting one of the subs and then re-running Audessy. The thought was that it may be as simple as my living room is too small for two subs this size. He may be right and that is what I need to do but wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas first.


I even wondered if moving one of the subs to the back of the room might

somehow resolve the issue? It may be inconvenient to run a long cable down in to the basement and then back up to the rear of the room, but I guess I can do it if it will resolve.


I attached a photo showing the settings that Audessy originally came up with and then my manual changes are shown to the right. I lowered the subwoofer level a lot trying to resolve but am not sure where Audessy had it originally.


Any help in resolving the issue is appreciated!

Hoping that I can make some adjustments and still have two subwoofers (and that I did not make a bad buying decision…).


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