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Anyone use Curico Modded Dynaco mk 3 ?


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10 hours ago, NOSValves said:

Joe I used Curcio stuff many years ago but my memory is to foggy on it to help you. Contact Joe I'm sure he'll help you out. 

Hey Craig Thanks I have spoke with Joe he is very receptive and helpful. Problem is I dont know what he talking about in regards to whats what on the mods that were done to the amps.  The story I got on them was a gent bought them had all the Curico Mods done. in the interim he switched speakers, so when he got the amps back he put them on a shelf for 6 years.


What I found is someone elses name on the Box that Curico shipped them to and I can see differences in the parts used on the Bias boards. I can not believe Curico would put different parts in a pair of amps. I cant believe any decent tech would do that.  I am of the opinion some one upgraded the amps using Joes parts at different times and now I have to consider that as a problem. Joe wants me to send them in but that will be a while and the added expense might not be worth while in the end (value VS what $$ invested)


I installed the tubes and shorting plugs and powered the amps on, No issues in that but without knowing the Bias and how to go about setting it I am not hooking them up to my speakers 😎

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    If you can take some detailed photos top, bottom and I'll take a peak and see if I can figure something out for you. Be patient my available time is very limited these days..



 I agree if he did both amps parts would match in both amps

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do they use the Hedge type 6922/6DJ8 differential cascode front end?  - just curious as once had a GSI (Andy Fuchs) Dynaco Stereo 70 with that front end = very good sound and FWIW, "better" to me than the pentode gain/split phase inverter Dynaco 6AN8/7199 arrangement with my Klipschorns.  That said,   I do think my brand new MKIII ~47 years ago did well with Speakerlab's ripoff of the K-horn.  I did not like ARC's D90 - too colored and dull.

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