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KG4s in front of Window?


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Hi everyone, 


Would placing Kg4s in front of a giant floor to ceiling window be problematic for sound quality? 


I just moved into a new studio and have limited placement options. I like the idea of placing them in front of the window so I can relax and look out the window into the courtyard while listening to music. 


Thanks for your advice!




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Welcome to the forum!


Try it and trust your ears.


Your room looks acoustically "live," so I predict you'll want an area rug on the floor in front of them, and perhaps some wall hangings on the left wall, and the right, too if it's nearby.   Get the wall hanging of your choice, and if it's not thick, hang a thicker one behind it.  Since the second one won't be seen, it can be ugly.


The glass looks thick, which is good.


Good Luck!

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You just have to try and see (or listen). As others mentioned, that area looks bright so an area rug, drapes or other items may be needed in front of the windows.


My own experience with KG4's (excellent speakers!) is that best results may be obtained by spacing them ~ 5 feet apart, about 1-2 feet away from any rear wall (or glass windows in your case) and away from any room corners. They are very finicky in placement. It pays to put on a familiar track with good staging and tweak them little by little. Usually I aim them either straight ahead or toe them in a slightly to place the sweet spot just in front of you (will depend of course on the room layout). Another helpful thing is to prop up the fronts about 1/2 to 1" or so to get the sound at or near the correct listening height where you are seated across from them. Propping them up also reduces floor coupling too (might be a  good idea in your building). At high volumes those passive radiators on the rear will fire a lot of sound out the back, sides and bottom. Enough to probably result in many people outside your window hearing your music too.


Any chance you can place them on that side wall?

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