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Receiver/amp setup Please help!

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I am not being lazy. I have read the manual,  I have read the yamaha forums and although I have found the right topics, the posters talk way over my head. 

Here goes I, at the present moment  have a Yamaha RX A1070--- 7 amps/nine channels. I'm enclosing a pic of the rear.

I finally scraped enough to get an Emotiva 5 channel amp that from what I read was going to fix my problems.  

My setup is as follows...





IN THE REAR OF the receiver the pre outs have rear surround as EXTRA spkr 1

And front prescense as EXTRA spkr 2

My problem WAS...while playing music OR movies my rear surrounds would not play while my front prescense would. 7 channels 7 amps.

So I read on all forums an external amp with at LEAST 2 channels would fix the problem.

Nope ..not for me

I get a 5 channel which sounds great and all but still no rear surrounds unless I do the test tone. And although a noob,  yes I checked all wiring before many times. I also know they are connected properly because they play loud and clear on the Yamaha setup/manual.. on screen settings. What setting do I put it on to hear my rear surrounds??? Does anyone here know how to explain this to a dummy???

Thanks ahead of time..seriously i love you guys!





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For the record I connected the L C R and left and right surrounds as my 5 channels hoping, praying that now that 5 channels/amps taken from the Yamaha would have run my "extra" speakers  but nope. The only way I can get my rear surrounds to produce sound is when I set the Yamaha to neo6 which makes the rest of the speakers drop considerably. 

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It sounds like a setting on the Yamaha isn't set right, or you're not playing content that would send a signal to the rear surround channels. Is there a 7 channel stereo setting on the AVR? Does that include the rear surrounds? Sometimes in movies, the content sent to the rear surrounds has so low content, we hardly hear anything. I take it this AVR isn't Dolby Atmos enabled? 

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Yes sir it is Dolby atmos enabled Ceptorman. I usually use the Dolby surround setting. When I try 7 channel stereo is when I would expect to hear the rear..  but I hear zero volume. Like I said I can hear it only when i put it on neo6 whatever the heck that is but the rest of the speaker take a majority power hit. Almost like a 30db power cut mute button would do. I have to RF82's as my rear surround and it is basically unused. I will say this though. The addition of the amp make my front soundstage sound and feel like I'm in front if a freight train. I had never really heard my beloved Klipsch before. Thanks for the help Ceptor!

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