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Help identifying LS with worn / illegible serial #

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Looking at a pair of LS that appear to be in really great condition for a "late 70s" model (per the Seller's best guess). The price is right as well, but I can't quite make out the serial number. Either on paper tag nor the engraving at the base of the shelf behind the cx. 


1) Can you make out the number on the paper tag?

2) Shouldn't the engraving # be present?

3) Do you know another method of finding the serial #?

4) Does an illegible serial 3 even matter if all other indicators point to these being legit?



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1 hour ago, Farris_88 said:


This particular label says: LSBR, SN 17S468.  Those shipped raw (meaning no finish on the birch plywood)...but somebody obviously filled-in with wood putty where the serial numbers were originally stamped, then painted over the sanded rear edge.  All you need to do is take some acetone on a rag and gently wipe that plywood edge until the stamped-in serial numbers show up....they will be filled with wood putty, but should be easy to make out.  You probably don't even need to buy the acetone, because that is what finger-nail polish remover actually is....so if you have a significant other, then borrow a bit of hers.  This speaker was built in 1978.


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