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FAITAL PRO HF111 1" Compression Driver

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Has anyone used or heard this driver? I'd like to know how it sounds, how it compared to the previous driver if it was a replacement, especially if you replaced a stock Klipsch driver. 


It sounds like it might be a possible upgrade to the k-100-k in the KLF-10: It has the same crossover frequency, is more efficient, has a larger diaphragm, and Faital has a good rep. I have the titanium diaphragms, but even they start to break up at louder volumes and could use more high frequency extension.


I submit to the forum's experience and expertise.





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I've read that the MAHL tweeter w/ B&C DE10's is a significant improvement over even the Crite's titanium diaphragm (which I have thoroughly enjoyed except for some high volume breakup and the rolled-off highs that two-ways tend towards), and I'm pretty sure these Faital's are a better fit than the DE10's in my particular application, (no doubt Dave's beautiful aluminum horns play a big part, but I'm doing 2-way with the big KLF10 horn), so I've decided to try these out. They are normally about 100 bucks a pop pre tax & shipping but I was offered a pair for 160 w/ tax & shipping. I will update.

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I have a set of the Faital HF10AK hooked up on 511b horns.  I have them crossed very low at around 850hz. with slight eq in the passive crossover.  They sound very good.  Much better than a lot of other drivers.  Faital Pro has a good reputation for excellent sound.

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In the first pic, you can see I had to modify the mounting flange to accept the wider diameter mounting screw pattern. It was a simple and effective mod. The driver compression chamber lined up perfectly with the horn throat. The last pic shows how I used a big o-ring to stabilize the washers so they wouldn't tilt away as I tightened them down, pseudo-extending the diameter of the flange and maintaining even pressure while keeping the flange from flexing. Again, it was simple and effective. The horn is plenty robust to handle the extra weight of the new drivers.



Many 2-way speakers have similar impedance curves so I deduced that maintaining the original impedance curve as best I could with the new driver would be a safe course of action. Also the Faital's response curve was similar what XSim plotted out for the KLF-10 stock, so I figured using the same driver data would give me ballpark results which listening tests seem to have born out. What I didn't expect was how much louder these Faital drivers would be. My goal was then to tone them down without changing the shape of the frequency response curve, which meant no capacitor or inductor changes, and resistor changes that would not blow the impedance curve. The previous two images show the original crossover layout and associated curves versus the modified crossover layout and its associated frequency response and impedance curves, all calculated by XSim, not measured. While the XSim graphs in this case are not a totally accurate representation, I know I'm close based on the many similar mods and more accurate measurements I've done in years past which have shown me similar results. The basics in cases like these do the job, plus listening tests have turned out pretty good. I tried several variations, but none brought me as close to my two goals of maintaining the impedance curve and not changing, just lowering, the high frequency response curve.


The two issues I was trying to improve with the modification were: Improve high end sparkle, and eliminate breakup of titanium diaphragm at higher volumes. I can happily report that those two issues have been resolved, while keeping the midrange power we all love Klipsch for.


Other improvements: The stock/titanium drivers provided a beautifully focused center image, the Faital's made the center image more broad but just as focused, if not more so. Also, there is increased detail throughout, and what seems like a better hand-off of crossover between woofer and horn, the stock driver seemed a bit anemic at the 2300Hz trade-off, the Faital's are anything-but. This seems to result in an upper midrange punch less tinny than with stock drivers; making sounds like a snare hit sound like they are coming from both the woofer and horn more equally.


My only issue so far after about 10 hours of listening is that the Faital drivers are so strong that my near-field listening position exposes me to much higher sound levels now because these thing can really crank. I had to turn up my sub a bit also. I'll have to rein in my itchy volume-finger.


We all mostly know by now that audiophilia is nothing more than an increasingly expensive series of ever-narrowing compromises and I think I can safely say that this mod was more narrowing than widening.



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