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Free empty Industrial La Scala Bass Bins


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Hey all, I received these klipsch lascala cabinets for free. Unfortunately they didn't come with speakers installed and it's not worth it for me to store them and fix them up. If you're anywhere around Central Florida you're welcome to pick them up. Otherwise I'll have to toss them to make space in the garage.



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Thanks all for reaching out. I've got a few people in line that want them. If someone bails I'll go in the order received.
I didn't know these would be so sought-after. They've just been sitting in my mom's garage for 3 years. I'm a young audio guy, and more in the home recording studio / small club & house of worship live sound world. So forgive me for my ignorance on these lol.

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6 hours ago, GeorgeK said:

Good morning,  I can pick up at your convenience any time, preferably after this weekend( Super Bowl). I.'m semi retired. Billybob figured I had contacted you first.  George

Hello, that is correct from my point of view. Thread clearly shows your interest. Internet has been down until just now. @mgstatic please take note and thanks anyway...

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