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WANT TO BUY HIP expanded metal woofer grilles.


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The attached photo was stolen from Google to illustrate the type of metal grilles I’m looking to buy to use with a pair of HIPs I’m refurbishing.  I’m aware of the typical waffle grilles available from PartsExpress (PE), Amazon, etc., but I want the look of the Klipsch expanded metal grilles.


Please PM me if you have a pair to sell. 



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11 hours ago, Mighty Favog said:

I've always said those grills look like the metal grating of a wrought iron patio chair.



Indeed they do.  Do you think she’d notice a couple holes?








The generic waffle grilles look and work fine, but I like the Klipsch look of the expanded metal.  They provide physical protection with minimal acoustic or visual obstruction.

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I am still deciding what to do with the pair of HIP's.  If I don't keep them intact  I'll be glad to sell these to you.  They are metal grills with wood frames.


So far I've removed all components and sanded the black paint off cabinets and filled in the handle hole on top.  I'm thinking about filing in the front vent and make them super Heresys ala Claude with vent on back and new veneer.


Also thinking about parting out the components and using empty cabinets with other Heresy parts I have.

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You can find this material with a google search. Search for "expanded metal" do not search for mesh or perforated (they are different products).


It should not be too difficult to cut depending on what you have access to. However for the the "molded" version (not the flat version) shown in one of the above photos it can become fairly involved and beyond most garage projects (especially if it is a thick material). 

You will need to find out the thickness or gauge of the material and what it is made out of (I assume steel, but I do not know). 


Good luck,


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42 minutes ago, longdrive03 said:



Here is a pic of the grills.  Should know soon if I'm parting them out



Thanks for the pic.  Seeing the grilles out of the enclosures makes it easier to visualize and understand the differences. Apparently, the Kosher HIP grilles are flat, unlike the PE grilles, one of which is shown below, which are formed into convex domes.  Rolling flat expanded metal to match the contour of the PE grilles is not something I can—or want to—do.


It was mentioned above that the expanded metal grilles are more open than the PE waffle grilles, therefore, the waffle grilles would block and/or color the sound more than the expanded metal.  At the frequencies involved, I’m certain these old ears could not tell the difference at gunpoint in a blind comparison.


For me it comes down to aesthetics. I like the look of the formed PE grilles in the woofer openings with the round-over.  I prefer the openness of the expanded metal.  If it too was available with the contour of the PE grilles, the decision would be easy.  Either version will protect the woofers. At this point each has points for and against.



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