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Klipsh Bar 48 with Surround 3 Speakers - 1 Speaker making a scratching noise occasionaly.

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I have the bar 48 with Surround 3 Speakers. One of my rear speakers (I have it set to the right channel) makes a scratching noise that lasts about 1 second, but only it only happens every few hours.  It happens suddenly and complete out of the blue. Has anyone else ever experienced a similar issue?

I haven't tried any trouble shooting yet like swapping channels with the left speaker and seeing if the speak does the same thing on the other channel, or re-syncing the bluetooth. It'll be hard to trouble shoot so it's very unpredictable.

Is it possible I have 1 defective speaker?

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If you read through this forum you will see that the BAR 48 has more than its share of issues. The first thing to do is ensure you have updated your BAR 48 firmware. At this time firmware v23/v83a is available depending on your devices serial number.


There are a number of reasons why you may experience this behavior including:

  1. You may have a defective speaker.
  2. Some external device may be causing interference to your Bluetooth signal.
  3. The Bluetooth adapter may be defective.
  4. The BAR 48 itself may be defective.

The first thing I would do is swap the left/right surround speakers, change the channel on each, and see what happens. If it still happens on the right speaker it is likely not the speaker. If the scratching noise stays with the same speaker then it is likely a speaker issue.

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I forgot to mention that the firmware is updated and it didn't change anything, though it did make it so I can actually hear the rear speakers more (still not enough tho). So I'll try switching the channel on each speaker this weekend and keep you posted!


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