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Professional Woofer Destroyer.....


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That's what they call me....well, about 7-8 years ago I let go of my 'Professional' status but every once in a while I like to prove that I've still got it.
My TTLS horn loaded sub was the victim this time. I was working out and had a song on my playlist that I probably only listened to once or twice. Listening balls to the wall I heard this deep bass towards the middle/end of the song and it freaked me out. I turned and looked at my amp and the red clip lights were screaming "Scott WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!!"
That was all she wrote. Here's the killer. Be aware at 3:24. I'll never learn....
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Believe it or not, that was my  "professional"  job for awhile...


I worked at Epicure in Newburyport, MA (most commonly known as makers of EPI Speakers) back in the 80s.    I was in "quality control".


I randomly pulled various components from the assembly lines and subjected them to 250 watts without any sort of protection until they failed.


Careful notes were taken regarding batch lot, relative humidity, power level at failure, etc.  Back then, the tweeters drivers were hand assembled in house, so this was valuable data.


I have fond memories of ferro-fluid boiling out of the dome tweeters and woofer voice coil smoke shows.

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So did you smoke the driver by to much power or because the music was beyond its capabilities?
Not too much power but rather at 3:24 of that song there was some really deep bass that kicked in when I had the system cranked.

But now you've got me wondering. The amp is only 100-150 watts at 8 ohms but maybe it was too much power.

I don't normally play bass heavy music and the song that got me was heavy metal. Heavy metal/hard rock typically doesn't have deep bass like that song did.....but it did and it got me.

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