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RF7 lll Problem with veneer finish


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5 hours ago, Mr.2stroke said:

The lines were not visible till I noticed them

I truly sympathize with you and trust the dealer and/or Klipsch will remedy this situation. But that there is funny.

I would start with the dealer.

That would be unacceptable to me also.

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It's normal, unfortunately.  At first it was all marked as B-stock.  Now I'm seeing seams in A-stock.  What sucks is that you can get two A-stock speakers and one will have seams and the other does not.  It did not shrink, you typically cannot feel the seam.  I think it's a matter of what light it is in, sometimes it's not visible.  I upload a ton of these to ebay and see them all the time, typically I have to get it in the right light then point it out with my finger.  

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It's really hard to tell from that bad photo, but generally a veneer seam gap doesn't look anything like that. A b-stock seam gap looks more like a very very tiny dark color seam... very tiny slit that is gapped. That looks more like wood grain that is running along the seam, and when they put the seams together in production it made the seam more apparent.  I don't think that qualifies as a defect. It's natural wood with variance in grain. Again, it's hard to tell from that photo.

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