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Over-priced Cornwalls in Connecticut


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22 hours ago, yorkdaletoronto said:

The wood grain on these cabinet is so nice. Could be a collector item. Is there any technical reason why the Cornwalls cabinet size have to twice wider than the woofer. No other speaker company has this ratio ? 

The large face of the cabinet creates a large flange that lowers the actual midrange horn cutoff down to approximately 500 Hz. BUT this could also have been a more optimum material usage on the part of PWK in cutting up the raw lumber sheet (4x8 ft) into working pieces that generate the least amount of scrap lumber. This is mostly how DaveA's Super MWM's ended up being taller...............to use, in the bass horn, what would have otherwise become scrap lumber if the slight dimensional changes had not occurred. This ended up creating a smoother, more efficient bass horn (because of the larger resultant mouth) in the process of eliminating that scrap lumber.

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