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Cornwall iii for HT?


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I did a thing.
And someone close to me isn’t thrilled about that thing. 

I jumped on a pair of C3s for two channel. Turns out my SO thinks they are unwieldily beasts that to do not fit into our modest urban home.  I admit to being a little smitten with these beasts though. I currently have chorus iis in my basement theater with a quartet center. I’ve been daydreaming of rf-7s for a while and have started trying to sell my chorus iis locally. Question is is if I put my c3s down there would it be a waste of their talents? Am I better of just getting rid of both the chorus and Cornwall towards rf-7iiis? Anyone use c3s in HT? As heavy as all these are I figured I’d ask experts before trying to swap back and forth. Onkyo tx-rz730 pre outs to three outlaw 200 wpc monoblocks. 

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I purchased the Indian Rosewood CW3 specials new at a really good price back in April or May 2019. I employ them for mostly 2 channel music reproduction but also have them wired to a Yammy AVR for bluray movies and tv broadcast audio (just finished watching last night's "The Voice" auditions dvr recording) sometimes. Also have a SVS SB-3000 sub in the mix for BR movies too. For action and music bluray playback it is a very powerful combo. Live Die Repeat BR you think you are on the beach with Tom Cruise, the V-22 aircraft, and those monsters. The opening extreme LF pulses which gives some systems/speakers fits........no problem here.

Or the live concert scenes from A Star is Born bluray.....awesome.


They may not be regarded as the best or shear favorite Heritage but I really like my CW3 for both duties. I don't play my music over maybe 90-95 db music peaks on a sound meter (modest in room levels really). Their power efficiency and ability to reproduce down to 30hz without a sub. And the rosewood specials are simply gorgeous with the silver metallic grill cloth. Drawback......that 25.5" width but oh well, I made it work. I wanted a PWK designed loudspeaker actually made in America (in production since 1959 off and on actually) with big 15" LF transducers.


yeah WAF is probably a problem. She'll get over it.

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