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KLF 20 feet WTB or replacement


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Hi folks,


I just bought a really nice pair of KLF 20, but unfortunately with missing feet ( uploaded pictures) I would like to buy original set for hard floor, but I doubt to find. Any ideas, please?!

I have another pair with original feet ( uploaded picture, just to show what I am looking for )


Thanks in advance,

KLF feet (1).jpg

KLF feet (2).jpg

KLF feet (4).jpg

KLF20 feet (1).jpg

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3 hours ago, jason str said:

Fill in the holes carefully with this, don't get it on anything ( including the bottom of the cabinet if possible) as it does not come off. It expands as it dries and after a hour or few (more or less depending on temp & humidity) just scrape it flush and install 4 of these.

Thank you very much

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2 hours ago, jjptkd said:

I believe the feet from the KG series are the same but not 100% sure might be worth a try those are fairly common on Ebay 

I have checked, but they are not the same, thank you

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On 3/4/2020 at 10:15 AM, dian83 said:

Good idea, thanks 


If I remember correctly, the threaded insert in that assembly fits just about as perfect as can be in the hole left by the stock setup...


I don't remember having to drill or modify anything.

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