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New ALK Crossovers in my Cornscalas

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I received my ALK Universal Economy Crossovers this past week and they definitely make a difference in my Type B Cornscalas. What I found is a tighter more pronounced bass and better definition of the highs. I adjusted the Squaker connection from 6 to 9 per Al's advice and it immediately smoothed out the midrange. 


I'm really happy with the purchase and these should hold me off buying something else until after my retirement.

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Good move! I did the same thing with my Conscalas. Agree on with it does for the midrange. Speakers were headache inducing after a while.

Bob makes a nice speaker but the xover could use some work.


If you want to take the CS to another level, try these. Sorry :^)

You can always sell the Seleniums to finance them




I have continually made upgrades to my CS to the point that the only parts from the original are the box and woofer.






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