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It's Only Rock 'n Roll...


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…But I like it


Been trying to listen to entire albums lately vs. skipping all around from artist to artist and genre. It has to easily be 15 years since I've giving this a go all the way through. If somebody was to put me on the spot to name my top 5 favorite RS albums I doubt I'd even remember this was an album title over just a song title. The cover art actually made me remember it over the music it contained, and that is why I played it. What a solid performer top to bottom. Pleasantly surprised and so glad I put it on.


I could hear hints of Exile on Main Street as well as future glimpses into what Some Girls might become. Classic Blues and Rock but more than enough Funk-e-ness as well as some Reggae. It got me to wondering where it fell in their discography. Surely it had to be 70s (post Let It Bleed) but where exactly in the line up? Seemed like around Black and Blue (one of my personal favorites) given my new found like for it. When I looked up their discography I was amazed to see what the decade of the 70s actually yielded.


Sticky Fingers
Exile on Main St.
Goats Head Soup
It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Black and Blue
Some Girls


That is a pretty impressive run from 1971 to 1978. Considering the drugs, girls and general excess I'm shocked they could be so prolific. Perhaps it was the drugs that kept them actually going. Can't argue with Keith's staying power given how many others left us too soon.


I know there are both lovers and haters here, @oldtimer and @BigStewMan come to mind.





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3 minutes ago, billybob said:

Been awhile but which lp was Angie on... thanks.



Goats Head Soup. Listening to it right now. I say it is the least best LP in that 70s run above, but I've always listened to it over IORNR. I have my favorite of those listed above but was curious to see what others had to say before we actually start to argue about the best....or in BSM's case the worst ;-)

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for the record, they are on my most overrated lists, but they are far from the top of my "Worst" list. 

Maybe I'm just mad at them for tricking me into buying that ticket to their "Farewell" tour back in 1981 at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. 

I would see them and/or listen to them before I'd listen to Fleetwood Mac or Bruce Springsteen. 

Confession time:  When I was a little kid living in NoCal in the East Bay, Get Off of My Cloud was my first favorite song, Thanks to my hippie cousin listening to it. 

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Soooo it all started w/the Beatles so "they" say then everyone else from the UK jumped on board!  The Stones have stood the test of time.  The early stuff was fantastic with so much heart and emotion going into their records.  THEIR message to us!  Watching them throughout the years?  Yea, those of us that have can sit back and smile as we share stories of the shows.  Just look for the flying pig! :)

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On ‎3‎/‎10‎/‎2020 at 11:13 AM, kevinmi said:

Sticky Fingers has been in my rotation since it came out. Yeah, I'm that old.


I was surprised to see Sticky Fingers in the 70s. It always seemed to me like a 60 LP. Along the lines of Let it Bleed.

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