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Crossover calculators

Dave A

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On 3/18/2020 at 1:56 PM, Deang said:

Well yeah, it would be bright, since the speaker is designed for behind the screen. 


Since you don't have an impedance plot, maybe an L-pad would be better. Start by knocking off 3dB. Is that a 16 ohm driver?

8 ohm driver Dean. It's a B&C DE-75

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On 3/18/2020 at 6:05 AM, Dave A said:

The OEM crossovers I have for this are bright and I have been told this is because they were meant to go through a movie screen and not be sitting out in the open during use. They are bright with the OEM crossovers and annoyingly so. I don't know the lower limits to the 510 horn but Klipsch says 900 hz for HF crossover. I wanted to try to get down to say 650 if possible as what I have been told is that the more you can make the horn do within it's inherent limitations the better off you are.


I have used both the 904 and 942 networks with a 904HF/315LF setup. I'm terrible at describing this type of thing but to me the 904 sounded rounder/fuller and the 942 sounds faster/less bloated? Both 100% require a resistor pad to knock down the HF with my application since they were intended for the 904/940LF. I currently have a 4.5ohm resister on the positive input of the HF circuit... I personally found 5ohm was too much and 3.3ohm was not quite enough... I have thought of going down to 3.9/4ohm but I don't have that value on hand right now. I would think 1-2ohm would be all that is needed to take the edge off of a setup using the 904/940LF?

I have also started playing around with an LCR placed between the HF circuit and the HF driver that is centered at about 1600-1700Hz... There was something going on there that appears to correspond with a small impedance spike found in the 904HF (DE 75-8P). My current values are 3mH - 2.7uF - 10ohm


I think both networks have their positives/negatives but I have ultimately kept the 942 networks in place... for now?

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Well, I got one crossover done today!  Much respect to the builders and suppliers that make these for us. I think it turned out alright for my first one.  The L-pad will be taken out later once my bro-in-law has his 904's dialed in.


I won't be offended if you don't like what you see or if you point out a problem.  I can't learn if I don't try.


All wire is 12ga.





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