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Production log information for Klipschorn # 242 and #1720 and # 1721

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Hello, I wonder if you would be so kind as to provide me with the productions scans for Klipsch Music Reproducers  # 242 and 1720 & 1721

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Got me to doing some research! 


Nov. 18, 1961 the W5 was changed to W6 with the 5 mH choke changing to 2.5 mH. 


In early 1964 all designations were changed to reflect TYPE_____ (fill in the blank). 

"1" was for Khorn & LaScala.

"2" for Cornwall, Shorthorn 12", and Model H as a center

"3" for Shorthorn 15"

"4" for Model H

"5" adopted later in 1964 for Khorn and LaScala


Then on Oct. 9, 1964, EV tweeters were found to be variable in output.  1R was for 3dB low tweeters, 1Q for 6dB, and 1S for 9 dB!  


On Oct. 1, 1965, they discontinued the use of the L2 choke, so a further suffix was added.  1RB and so on.  



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Thanks Jim!...that is some really good info...invaluable for originality verification and restoration purposes of these vintage heritage models.

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