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A55G with AK2, plus a few Qs?


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With the autotransformer we are talking about attenuation or decreasing the midrange output.  So 3db of attenuation is where Paul Klipsch set it in the type A and AA crossovers.  The higher the number in db, the lower the output of the midrange.

Bob Crites.

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What Bob is saying is that with -6dB on the midrange, the tweeter is now relationally 3dB higher to the midrange than it was before the change was made. If this bothers you, the fix is easy - just drop the tweeter to the next tap down (no other network changes required). 

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So, the AK-2 is a good crossover, the tweeter output is normal and the midrange is -3db more than the AK for a total -6db below flat. Well, that explains the reason why AK-2 Klipschorns sound so fine in rooms with hard floors and smooth walls. 








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