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Cornscala build in the time of Covid.

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Hope everyone is safe. Im working 2-3 shifts a week in the ER doing mental health assessments and still doing a full load at the community clinic I work full time.

Both positions are deemed essential due to need for management of emergent mental health needs.

Each day Im getting my tempt checked and asked about symptoms before being let in the door.

I have to say its become more stressful over the past 3 weeks and only seems to be compounding. 


With all these stressors cropping up, my mind turns to the long process of building a new set of speakers as an escape. 

About 4 months I reached out to Dave Harris and asked for baffles and horns. Dave was busy and put me in the Que. 

Then about a month ago, Dave was in the Irvine area and came and heard my lasted iteration with his baffles... Faital Horns/Faital & B&C driver combo for compression drivers. 

Its a truly great cornscala, built to the hilt... no screws more braces than you can shale a stick at.. That said, it doesnt have Dave's mid horn and I miss that.


So after some repeated requests, Dave cut me some new baffles and horns. Like each before, there a but different; trying a new idea or two. 

The ports are 4" PCV and the baffles are MDF. Ive never built a speaker with the baffle being MDF. The horns and baffles key in so tight. Ill have to clearance them just a bit to get them in. 

The lovely thing with the MDF baffle to MDF horn is just how tight the tolerances are. There will be less fill time.


Dave suggested I use a water based Poly to seal them a other products can wick the MDF. Last night I sealed them inside and out. The sealing the inside is likely an error as it has made them harder,but nothing some cut knuckles and sandpaper wont fix. 


The plan is highend Ply, lots of braces and everything bolted in place.

Once the ports are glued in, Ill take a 1/2" round over to flare the port.

Drivers and corssovers havnt been fully fleshed out.  


Few tid bits... The horns have to be sanded smooth first... then more polly and finishing. The last layer has to be finished separately. Ive pained them together and the paint cracked when they are pulled apart.  











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Glad to see a good project get started! Stay safe, I fear the next few weeks are going to be challenging.

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Looking good, thanks for the inspiration in the audio world and health system. Keep it up, we need more people like you.

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I’m still mulling if I should laminate a 1/2 ply to the inside. I’d have to route out with a collar and then expand the holes to make large enough to clear the first layer of Dave’s horns. I’ve never had a baffle thicker than 3/4”.  

Might be a good use of energy?

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So I’ve decided to laminate 1/2 ply to the back and rout it out to have the first layer of the horn key into the 2nd layer.  The idea is for constrained layer dampening and increase  Rigidity. I will prime both sides to seal it all up.  
when I finally get to build. I’ll dado in the baffle to some it ever coming lose. 

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slow progress but progress none the less. 


3/4" CNC cut MDF baffle matted to 3/4" ply and hand cut. The 2nd layer of the horn now will key into the baffle the same way the 1st layer does. 

The hope is that the baffle is more rigid and the the horn is better supported too. 

After my existing Cornscalas are gone, Ill get to the building of this pair... I plan to dado the baffle into place. 

Here are the progress pics. 




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