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HIPs turned into Super Heresys!!!!! $750


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You can get the redo history at the link below.  Total redo of HIP cabinets sanded down to birch plywood, veneered with fiddleback anegre wood backed veneer, ( including the back outer edges) finished with six coats of wipe on poly, wet sanded and waxed with 0000 steel wool. 


Will stretch new tan cane weave  grill material and post pics later.


One woofer is K42 and the other is EV version of K42.  Forum members say they specs are almost the same on the woofers.  Mid drivers are K55M, and found magnet K77 tweeters.


Changed HIE crossover to Cornwall B with modifications per Claude to make these Super Heresys ported in rear.  New Parts Express metallized poly caps installed.  The original HIP's had mixed K77 tweeters (one square magnet and one round) but I switched another round magnet to get a matching set.  New rubber washers on mid horn.  Foam installed to reduce mid frequency reflections.  Back cover is 3/4" plywood- not 1/2" ply normally on Heresys.


I'm in LIttle Rock and have a friend that travels to the Tulsa, Kansas City, and St. Louis areas on business and could probably deliver these to those areas to eliminate shipping.




Get em while they're hot!




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Finished tonight except for screwing down back board - waiting for black screws to come in Wednesday.  Bass is much better than Heresy 1 even in my garage.  Need to get them in the house to hook up on the floor near a wall.  Sound really good.  Thanks for your help Claude.




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17 hours ago, DizRotus said:

Gee, I’m surprised you were willing to give up the expanded metal grilles. 😉







But I’ll put them to good use.  Thank you.



Hey Diz,


Can you take some pictures of just the expanded metal you received for me? My Klipsch Slant Monitor Hereseys have expanded Metal over the woofers and then have a motor board on top of that, that the woofers are attached to and I am wondering if this is orriginal or not.


Thanks!...   Roger    00m0m_2UfmcQoD2q0_1200x900.jpg




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32 minutes ago, twistedcrankcammer said:

I am wondering if this is orriginal or not.




I would say it is.


This is what I received.  I just noticed that one is ~1/2" plywood, while the other appears to be ~3/4" plywood.




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I never noticed that when I had them because I wasn't going to usethem.   They weren't in the same production year as I recall.  Could be because the Klispch K42K has a cast frame front edge and was heavier (thus used the 3/4"???)   K42K EV) had a thinner stamped steel frame ????  Could also be another situation wheere  Klipsch used what it had on hand from different suppliers or models since you can't tell the difference from the front???


Just guessing. 

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Don't want to get too picky here, but to make Complete Super Heresy, one needs to add SUPER Tweeters from DaveA. However, the price is low enough for someone to add 200-300 dollars to "complete the sound" so to speak. Just sayin'. So whoever buys these will have that option, which is worthwhile, since I have done this myself for 3 1/2 pairs I created.

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