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HIPs turned into Super Heresys!!!!! $750


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21 minutes ago, longdrive03 said:

I never noticed that when I had them because I wasn't going to usethem.   They weren't in the same production year as I recall.  Could be because the Klispch K42K has a cast frame front edge and was heavier (thus used the 3/4"???)   K42K EV) had a thinner stamped steel frame ????  Could also be another situation wheere  Klipsch used what it had on hand from different suppliers or models since you can't tell the difference from the front???


Just guessing. 

Since the woofer specs are so close, I don't think it makes a dime's worth of difference to the sound and never did.

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On 3/25/2020 at 1:53 PM, ClaudeJ1 said:

They are worth almost twice the asking price with free shipping.

I take this back, since they have the original K77's................However...........they worth at least $1,000 as is, so represent a good buy still. Beautiful work on an original ugly box!

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10 hours ago, MookieStl said:

I was lucky enough to get the trim off the one HIP! It was a little rough, but after DA sanding and a little elbow grease with scotchbrite, it looks like they will be pretty again.


looks really good -

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6 hours ago, Frzninvt said:

I need to take the scotchbrite to my trim.  Is it just the green scouring pad stuff?

I used a little stronger pad, but still by Scotchbrite. More industrial, but have used the off the shelf stuff with similar results.

The trim is anodized so you may be removing a good protective coating intended to keep the aluminum from oxidizing. These were very beat up and I am sure that coating was long gone. I call it a coating but it is more of a process involving electrodes and acid, and hold up very well to the elements but scratches are possible. The piece I showed was pretty rough so I used a DA sander on it first to take the gouges out, then polished with the SB. It will over time loose that shine as it oxidizes but will still look better than it did. I will not do this to the pieces that aren't beat up, just the ones that took the bulk of the abuse. Be sure to wear a mask as the dust you will generate from the anodized aluminum is fairly nasty.  It will breath new life into otherwise unattractive trim. If you are just looking to "shine" them up, I would pass but thats me. Try a small piece from the bottom that is rarely seen and see how it turns out.

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