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Folded horns at the thrift store?

JL Sargent

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Just now, Randyh said:

these use 4$ piezo tweeters


An assumption... these used Foster (not Fostex) tweeters. They weren't expensive, but I don't believe they were piezos... might have been though, since this is a two way and you could use them without an actual crossover. Piezos done with a regular crossover could sound really good.

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8 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

I love this place.  He buys thrift shop speakers and IMMEDIATELY gets advice on modding.  LOL.


Yes, we’re notorious enablers here.  I bought a pair of La Scalas, joined the forum, and within two years I had six Klipsch Heritage Series speakers.  Now I have ten of them.

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