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What is needed?


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You need one of the RCA digital audio(brown) cable, 2 stereo minijack to L&R RCA, 3 if you want to take stereo into your live card.

Run the brown digital cable from the live's s/pdif out to the digital in on your receiver. If you don't have a s/pdif on your live you will want one. They sell digital in/out brackets if ness.

The digital pass thru gives you the best AC3 and DTS surround, your receiver does them better.

Use the minijack to RCA adapters to connect the front speakers to the left and right analog in on the receiver. Use the mixer's balance to check left and right. Hook the rear the same way.

If you are careful with your speaker placement you'll have surround gaming effects thru the analog inputs.

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Ok, ya talkin' to DA man on the subject of the AE now smile.gif

I have a Yamaha HTR 5250 reciever, and in my setup, I have each of the analog outputs of the AE (mains, rears, centre/sub), going to the external decoder inputs on my reciever.

If you want to connect the SPDIF to the reciever (altho the analog IS quite good), just hook it up from the AE's SPDIF out to the reciever's DVD in, and set it up, and BINGO!

As for the SB Live 5.1, no can help there, since I'm not familiar with it's connection types.

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