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SOLD: 60w VRD Mono Blocks, Tubes, Custom Woodwork


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I’m the original owner of these one of a kind VRDs built with Leopard Wood which I sourced for Craig's cabinet maker. Craig from NOS Valves built them for me in early/mid 2009. I used them regularly till around 2011 when life got in the way of Audio stuff. They were turned on maybe 5 times a year between 2011-2017. Recently (2018 I think) they were back to Craig for checkup and he asked if I ever used them because all tubes tested as new or something to that effect.


When I had them built, I requested any upgrades that would make them sound their best, (better caps, etc.). When they were back at Craig’s I asked the same thing and he said they already have all the good stuff. As we all know Craig is a fantastic guy but just another example of him not padding the tab and being a straight shooter. Can’t say enough good things about Craig. I think there are a couple of pair out there with Magnaquest Transformers, these do not. These are the newer models with all point to point wiring not the PCBs.


I’ve got the original packaging. Prefer local pick up at zip 21154 and willing to drive a bit to facilitate sales. Will work with you on shipping if we must. Not sure how things work for a face to face meeting given the current state of affairs but I’m sure something could be worked out. I’m in no hurry to sell them and don’t need the money so if you can wait, I can wait. I’ve u-ship for a pair of Forte IIs and that worked out great. You set it up I’ll do my best to accommodate.


I’ve got three different set of power tubes along with the proper rectifiers for them. The vintage Telefunken and Mullard signal tubes along with the British Mullard rectifiers could be all you will ever need or want. All fairly pricy. They sound fantastic. I think there are more than enough combinations of tubes to get you rolling for a while.


They look fantastic, have only been moved from a shelf to a rack a couple of times since arriving at my house. No kids and non-smoking home if that matters. They have the black crinkle finish on the transformers (I like it a lot better than the silver). I’m sure if we look closely there is probably a mark or two around the biasing pots. No scratched, dents, chips or anything like that.


$2650 net to me + actual shipping seems fair to me given all the tubes. Might take less if you make the transaction easy for me but not super motivated to sell. I’m open to trades + cash if that help you out but not really looking for anything beyond a DAC perhaps….but you never know. At this point I’m not interested in selling for less without the full collection of tubes. I’d like to sell them all together. Lots of history on the forum, just ask of you need any assurance.


I don’t post on other forums, if you are an AK, Hoffman or other forum user where VRDs are beloved I’d appreciate you pointing anyone you think might be interested in my direction.


Here are the tubes included:

Power Tubes

Matched Quad Gold Lion KT-77 purchased in 2019 barely broken in

Matched Quad 6L6WGC 6P3S-E 5881 6L6 (4pcs) NOS + 1 spare for a total of 5 tubes Not yet installed still in original packing form Russia

Matched Quad Valve Art KT-88 Measured fine back in Craig’s shop


Signal Tubes

Two Telefunken 12AX7 smooth plate pair

Two Mullard CV4003/12au7 box plate pair

Two JJ ECC82/12AU7

Two JJ ECC83s/12AX7

Three Electro Harmonix 12AT7EH

One Sovetek 12AX7



Two Sovtek 5AR4

Three GE vintage (recently sold to me as NOS) 5UR4GB

Two British Mullard 5AR4 Craig says these are the best and measured fine back as his shop

Two very old and very cool looking RCA 5AR4 Brown Base Coke Bottle


3 coats2.jpg









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9 minutes ago, mark1101 said:

Pics of internals?  Are these the point to point or the earlier PCB?


For sure point to point. I've had discussions with Craig about biasing and tube rolling and correct rectifiers and different bias numbers floating around. The difference in biasing is due to the older PCB based units.


I've had a several PMs so it seem like there is interest. I'm working on a tube list and I'll get detailed pix as soon as time permits. Short answer is 3 different sets of power tubes, correct rectifiers (all vintage) vintage signal tubes and JJ/EH so much so that I think you could use just these and be happy for the rest of your life.

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On 3/30/2020 at 2:14 PM, opusk2k9 said:

The wood looks a little like my lacewood 60th anniversary k-horns...


Goddamn it. This is always the case. I'm in the middle of going through a small business loan process otherwise I'd have already paid you. I won't be able to spend money like this for another 6 months give or take. These are my bucket list amps for my MWM'S and/or for my CF-4's. 

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38 minutes ago, boricua2480 said:

Goddamn it. This is always the case. I'm in the middle of going through a small business loan process otherwise I'd have already paid you. I won't be able to spend money like this for another 6 months give or take. These are my bucket list amps for my MWM'S and/or for my CF-4's. 



$500 holds them for you till the end of time :biggrin:

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