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RP500M vs 600M for stereo

Caio Ferrari

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I'm looking for an upgrade for my stereo. I have a pair of RB51II used for a stereo setup in a very small living room. The dimensions are 7ft vs 8,3 ft and a 10ft of right foot. 


I was thinking at the new RP line because people say it was improvements are tweeter response, sounding less harsh. But I'm a little confused about two things:


Does worth the upgrade for the new line? 

Does worth getting a bigger speaker in a such small room? 


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On 4/6/2020 at 1:35 PM, Caio Ferrari said:

No one? 

Well, since I have never heard any of the RP's, I might not be the best to give advice.  I do know that the RB-51II's sound pretty good and the larger RB-61II's sound great.

If you do decide to switch from Ref II(5) to RP's, then go bigger with the 600M's.  They will not overwhelm your room.



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for stereo I'd get the 600m if possible just to get as much help as possible on the bass.  The 500M's are no slouch though.  Those are super popular for rear surrounds, they are the same height as the rp-502s and match really nicely with 502 on the side and 500m behind you.  

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